Life is just too short isn’t it, not to be happy and to achieve what is truly important to us…? This is why good coaching & mentoring is such an incredibly worthwhile investment; providing insight, resources and support that enable us to realise success and happiness where perhaps we haven’t been able to before. Some of the many benefits I offer my clients include:

Helping them to become more aware of their thoughts and beliefs more clearly, working with them to clarify what is really important to them; acting as a sounding board re: decision making; supporting them in building new belief systems that serve them better; facilitating them in feeling less stress, greater peace and more happiness; enabling stronger self-belief, self-esteem, self-confidence and higher energy and of course empowering them to achieve the individual or business success they want.

In essence, supporting them in evolving and in reaching their full potential, as well as enjoying life more.




Hi, my name is Jo. I’m a IAPC&M certified, experienced and strongly self-aware Coach & Mentor with many years of life and business experience in the UK and Internationally.

I work with ANY individual or company truly wanting to evolve, to lead an exciting, happy and purposeful life and to achieve greater personal or business success.



I work merging professional coaching & mentoring methods with other leant skills and wisdom. In other words – a holistic approach. After an in-depth initial session and understanding your challenges & goals (or whatever has drawn you to coaching) we focus directly on these and on transforming your life or business (or both). I provide full motivation and support you consistently as we work together until you attain your success and happiness.

I offer a free initial 45min consultation to all new personal and business clients to investigate coaching and mentoring and discuss fully your challenges and what support you are looking for. This can be booked here



I can’t believe the contrast to where I am now to how things were before I contacted Jo.

My business is now thriving more than it has done in 13 years, my confidence has increased tenfold, I no longer procrastinate in starting new work projects and I’ve even lost two stone in excess body weight as I’m no longer burying my head in the fridge with stress!

Jo single-handedly helped me transform my life both personally and professionally. Not long ago I was feeling overwhelmed and ‘stuck’ with how to move forward. Jo helped me to figure out what was obstructing my progress and worked with me to set monthly, weekly and daily goals in bite size  pieces that were easily achievable. Life can sometimes feel like a maze and you don’t know which way to turn, but after Working with Jo and just 3 months of Business/Life Coaching… everything started to effortlessly fall into place.

If you want to make progressive movement in your business and home life, then Jo is the perfect support and mentor!

Stephanie Morgan. Founder Raw & Juicy, London. UK

The mixture of intellect, empathy & awareness combined with the ability to listen deeply and consciously make Johanna someone I strongly value as a resource and coach to enable me to see clearly and also make important impactful decisions when I’m in a tough situation – be it physically mentally or professionally.”

Richard Kellond. Director/ Owner, TRUTH COFFEE, Cape Town. SA

Jo is an incredible life coach and mentor and has been a driving force in my life. She has soothing and centring energy alongside a dynamic approach to her work…making it absolutely invaluable. She is a detail-oriented, multi-skilled, experienced and talented professional with high emotional intelligence.  I am hugely grateful & appreciative for the immense help and support that she has provided me in our sessions and in my life. Jo always listens carefully and asks penetrating questions, which challenge you and ultimately result in productive outcomes. She has a unique, transparent and authentic spirit, which is reflected in her coaching and mentoring; also, a grounded, caring and insightful nature that enables her to guide and direct you in your life effectively when you need it.

Through our work together, Jo has enabled me to shift my perspective in many areas of my personal and working life. She has helped me to create a clear vision of my own, understand where my values stand and enabled me to work towards my dreams and goals, in alignment with the lifestyle I desire. As a result of this, I am much more content and re-connected to myself, as well as to my core values.  

I feel that I have achieved tremendous amounts of personal growth with Jo; she helped me to prioritise and set attainable goals as well as restore my personal faith in life, in trusting myself and in moving forward in absolute belief that my dreams and ambitions are achievable. I would highly and wholeheartedly recommend working with Jo. Her time and expertise are priceless and definitely worth the investment.

Julia Heydarova - UBS, London. UK