Life Coaching

Life can be challenging at the best of times…

Trust me I know!

Yet it can also be incredible and wonderful when we are in alignment, fully confident in ourselves and moving forward positively in a direction that feels right for us. When we are happy and achieving our dreams.

Yet to get to this place isn’t always easy and there are often times when we can’t understand why we are stuck or struggling in attaining what’s important for us… Or we seem unable to implement the change we know we need to, in our lives, on our own. Or we just need support and accountability to get us to where we want to be – more easily and /or more quickly.

And that’s where good life coaching comes in, and where I can help. As both an Accredited Life Coach (IAPC&M) and a Hypnotherapist I empower my clients, to:

  • Really understand and clarify what’s important for them in their lives.
  • Address and clear any self doubt and any thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back from success and happiness.
  • Thrive in their lives, not just survive.
  • Achieve what’s important to them and enable them to create and live a life they truly enjoy.

Life Coaching Sessions are 1:1 and 60+mins long. Details of packages are found here:

Clients come to me to: Boost self-esteem (and self-belief), to feel happier, access more self-confidence and feel supported and heard. They come to make changes, maximise their potential and achieve goals they feel passionately about. Also, to feel more fulfilled, more present and more at peace. To increase self-awareness and to understand and relate to themselves better. To improve relationships with others and also receive impartial support if they need to make difficult life decisions.

If we work together and I recognize a limiting belief that’s holding you back. E.g. ‘I’m not good enough’ (in some shape or form) … I will work with you on this consciously but I may also recommend we incorporate a Hypnotherapy session in your coaching package.

Hypnotherapy is deeply relaxing and the most powerful way for us to heal and correct any limiting beliefs we have stored in our subconscious mind. I am a fully trained Hypnotherapist (UKCHP) as well as a fully Accredited Life Coach and Mentor (IAPC&M).

If you’d like to explore working with me you can book an initial free trial session and consultation or email me directly at
I look forward to hearing from you.