Business Coaching & Mentoring

If you are starting a new online / offline business or are already established and looking for the right business coaching & mentoring support I can help.

Success in business is achieved through bringing together both the right mindset, beliefs and drive with the right research, strategy, planning, sales & marketing and customer service. Also important are communication and leadership skills.

I work with my clients in all these areas, helping them ensure their business has the best possible chance of succeeding both in the short and long term. This is especially important in the current times and challenges we are working through.

Full details of what’s incorporated in Business Success Coaching and costs can be found here:

Why Work With ME?

Qualified, Experienced and Success Orientated:

I studied Business at University and specialized in Marketing. I am an Accredited Coach & Mentor (IAPC&M).

I’ve 25+ years of business experience and have worked at Director level in corporate environments in the UK & Internationally. I also have strong entrepreneurial experience gained from creating and running a successful wellbeing business as well as my current coaching business. I understand a host of business challenges from concept to launch… to running a business successfully.

I’ve been behind the success of companies such as:, and and also worked with many other companies and individuals in their start-up, growth and business success

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