Hi. Coaching is all about you, not me – but sometimes my clients like to know a little bit about me before we start working together. My name is Jo and I am a professional LIFE COACH, EXECUTIVE COACH AND CAREER COACH & MENTOR (IAPC&M accredited). I have a background, qualifications and over 25 years of proficiency in UK / International business (Sales & Marketing), Psychology, Hypnotherapy & Counselling. I am also qualified in (and practice daily) Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga & Meditation.

Throughout my life I have invested strongly in understanding what creates personal happiness, self belief, purpose, peace and success. Life is not always easy and I’ve had plenty of experience of difficult times to work through as well as successes that all now contribute to the support I can offer you and other clients.  

On a wellbeing level: I’ve studied the mind, body & spirit and deeply explored the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energy and success. How these are interrelated and how, with understanding and the right therapeutic and coaching support we can completely change our life experience. I’ve also learnt and practiced the ancient tradition of yoga and meditation for 20 years to understand, experience and mentor just how it facilitates inner happiness. 

On a business level: I’ve worked and lived all over the world including London, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Malaysia, France, Spain & Mustique. I have over 25 years of experience working for UK & international corporates, SME’s and private clients as well as running my own successful private well-being business, prior to coaching.

Today, I utilise all my learnt knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom to empower my clients, their businesses and people like yourself into realising success, balance and happiness; into achieving the goals and dreams that they and you are both wanting and working towards.

I coach and mentor individuals, executives and leaders in person (where possible) and via Zoom internationally. I live & work between England and Cape Town.

I love nature, the ocean, yoga & meditation, sunsets/sunrises, laughter, healthy living, good friendships and a lot more! Most of all though– I love helping my clients achieve true happiness and success.

To discuss coaching / working with me please contact me here.