Leadership / Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive coaching & mentoring is a powerful resource for executives and business owners looking for support in their role and wanting to become a more effective leader or transition into a leadership position. It’s also highly beneficial for those who value a sounding board and impartial confidential advice and support in their work or career. If you are currently considering executive coaching, the specific help you are looking for can be discussed in confidence when we first talk.

In general, however, the Executive Coaching & Mentoring I offer includes:

  • Support in the development of rock-solid confidence in your Leadership skills – and the ability to lead powerfully and effectively deliver projects, think strategically, encourage initiatives and communicate effectively. Also in your aptitude to build trust and a sense of common purpose, inspire and empower others and steer those you lead toward the achievement of business goals and deliver results.
  • Key stakeholder relationship understanding, management and success
  • Help getting rid of and re-wiring any negative beliefs or ways of thinking or operating that are not beneficial to you optimally in your role. Also in developing deeper self-awareness and the ability to use your mind to serve you much more powerfully moving forward (rather than it being able to sabotaging you and your thinking).
  • Help managing and reducing stress and creating work/life balance.
  • Support in a new role.
  • I also offer outboarding support for those exiting an organisation. both practically and emotionally, to help you to confidently navigate finding new work and transition into a new role, career or retirement effectively and successfully. Or international transition support – for those moving oversees or into international roles.

Why work with me?

I am an Accredited Coach & Mentor (IAPC&M) with experience of coaching many top executive and business owners in London, the UK & Internationally to be stronger, more confident, balanced and impactful leaders in their fields.

I specialise in helping my clients remove self-doubt and form rock-solid self belief, high self-awareness & innate confidence – so they can lead powerfully and create extraordinary lives and relationships.

I studied Business at The University of Northumbria and specialised in Marketing.

I am a trained Hypnotherapist and highly experienced at getting to the root cause of any issues with confidence, self belief or self esteem and supporting you in re-wiring your beliefs quickly and effectively.

I’ve 25+ years of corporate business experience (UK & International) and strong entrepreneurial experience. I understand a host of business challenges and what it takes to lead, to inspire and to be a good leader.

To discuss Executive Coaching with me you can email me on jo@joshrimptoncoaching.com or click: https://joshrimptoncoaching.com/appointment-booking-form/ to book an initial discussion/breakthrough call and explore working with me.