Career Coaching & Mentoring

Career coaching is one of the best investments you can make early on in your career or before you launch into work or further education. It’s also highly valuable if you are looking to advance your career, change jobs or return to work after a period of not working. The aim of career coaching is to help you find and access work you want and enjoy, acquire the skills you may need to achieve this and develop yourself and your career.

Career Coaching is different from Executive Coaching

If we work together I will ensure you find clarity and focus re: your career AND enable you to achieve your goals. I will also help you to develop yourself and your career potential fully. If your confidence is struggling or anything else is holding you back – we’ll work on that and move you forward with self-assurance. Many people fail to reach their potential due simply to lack of the right support. Please don’t be one of them. Working together you will get personalised coaching & mentoring from me tailored specifically to you and your situation.

Why Work With ME?

I’ve supported many individuals in their career success. I specialise in empowering my clients confidence. I enable my clients to recognise and positively change any limiting beliefs or thoughts that impact their potential. I am an Accredited Coach & Mentor (IAPC&M) who also has 25+ years of corporate (Director Level) & entrepreneurial business experience in London, the UK & Internationally. For those interested in Career Coaching I encourage between 1-3 months of coaching (Introductory program or my 3-month package).

The Career Coaching support I provide will enable you to:

  • Fully uncover and understand your personal values; know what careers and environments you’ll be most suited to, enjoy and be most successful in.
  • Comprehend what studies and skills will propel you forward in your career choice.
  • Feel confident in your CV; in job hunting and in marketing yourself to prospective employers (via LinkedIn, cover letters, landing pages and in other ways)
  • Interview successfully and confidently and attain the work and career you aspire to.

If you are already in work I can help you to:

  • Improve your career progression within your current organisation or in applying for a job within another.
  • Identify any areas that you may need to develop before you can be promoted, such as leadership skills for managing a team or larger team.
  • Bring together your main skills and strengths and helping you create a coherent story that sells you well.
  • Understand how best to network and present yourself in professional settings.
  • Manage stress and create a better balance between your home and work life if needed.

For career coaching in London, the UK or Internationally you can email me on or click: to book a free 20 min chat.