Business Success Coaching & Mentoring

This program is for you if you are ready for coaching support and have a strong primary focus on growth and success within your working life or business.


  • In-depth initial consultation to discuss your current scenario, your concerns, your goals and anything that may currently be impacting you or your business
  • Highly effective coaching for yourself and/or employees to enable and boost business or work success
  • Support in the creation and establishment of powerful new thoughts, beliefs and habits (where needed)  that fast track your success
  • Strategy, Business & Sales and Marketing coaching/mentoring to increase your knowledge and heighten income, profit & success

This program is for you if you are ready for coaching support for yourself or your employees and have a strong desire for growth and success within your working life or business.

This program merges highly effective coaching, mentoring and consultancy. It helps create strong self-awareness, uncover any beliefs that are limiting success and helps create powerful new beliefs and behaviours that fast track success.  We also work together on your success strategy, your sales and marketing (where applicable) and other areas of your working life (e.g. Management / Leadership skills) where needed to propel your business/projects/goals forward and heighten your income streams.

What’s Included:

  • A 1.5 -2hr Initial consultation with me to look in depth at where you currently are in your working or business life, what may be holding you back, what’s really important to you and what you want to achieve in full detail.
  • 4 one hour telephone or Skype coaching/mentoring sessions per month or a total of 12 hours of coaching (including your initial consultation) over 3 months – taken in full hour slots.
  • Full coaching and mentoring support; motivation, inspiration and encouragement to keep you on track, increase revenue and fast forward your business/project(s) into success.
  • Full support in strategic planning projects and timeframes.
  • Access to purchase from a range of very effective coaching recordings that highly enhance your breakthrough of any negative beliefs, thoughts or behaviours that might be holding you back AND fast-track your success and happiness.
  • Email / messaging access to me once a week between sessions (not including weekends and bank holidays).
  • Access to additional marketing specialists where relevant.
  • Full re-cap post each coaching session of your thoughts and breakthroughs, actions planned, agreed and committed to in the following weeks towards your goals and working in alignment.
  • Accountability coaching, where needed, to keep you or your employees focused, motivated and fast-tracking towards success.

N.B – This program is available as a 6 month (24-hour) option incl. consultation) for £6500

Coaching prices are per person unless otherwise agreed.