Leadership & Executive Coaching

Powerful coaching that empowers both self-confidence, high self-awareness and the ability to lead and live more impactfully, successfully and happily.

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  • The best coaching and mentoring possible tailored to your needs over a three-month period
  • The right choice for those seeking deeper confidence and success in Leadership or aspiring to Leadership positions and wanting to optimise their potential
  • Or leaders who are already successful wanting to create deeper impact in the world / with others / within their organisation.
  • This program fully supports you in eliminating any self-doubt or lack of self-belief you’re experiencing and enables you to access the natural inner-confidence you’ve been missing – both within yourself and in your abilities as a leader.
  • Additionally, it enables you to learn what specifically is sabotaging you in your conscious and sub-conscious mind; to build strong self-awareness and also to learn new ways of operating and using your mind much more powerfully – to serve you and those you lead best.
  • It facilitates greater intrinsic and extrinsic happiness and success. It helps those who need it break through patterns, thoughts or beliefs currently preventing their success in leadership or impacting their happiness.


What’s Included:

  • An initial 1-1.5hr coaching session with me to look in depth at where you currently are in your life, what’s holding you back, what’s really important to you and what you want to achieve in full detail.
  • Three months of bespoke 1-2-1 coaching over up to 4 months(including your first session full consultation).
  • Full breakdown of what in your mind is currently sabotaging you (consciously or unconsciously) and full support in breaking beyond that and then empowering your mind to serve you powerfully in leadership and your life.
  • Full 1-2-1 support, motivation, inspiration and encouragement to keep you on track and fast forward you into more powerful leadership and the happiness / success in your life that you want.
  • Access to a range of very effective coaching recordings that highly enhance your breakthrough of any negative beliefs, thoughts or behaviours that might be holding you back AND fast-track your success and happiness.
  • Email / messaging access to me between sessions and priority response for short emergency sessions (not including weekends and bank holidays)
  • Full re-cap following each coaching session of learnings, breakthroughs, actions planned, agreed and committed to in the following weeks to support your success

End of coaching term recap to acknowledge and celebrate your progress and your success