An invaluable guide and ‘toolbox’ for life for everyone struggling with stress, anxiety or an overactive mind.

Choose below either the toolbox download only or toolbox and coaching option.

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  • This program is ideal for you if you are struggling in any way with stress, anxiety or an overactive mind.
  • It provides you with immediate access to effective tools that help you simply relax (mentally and physically) and access inner peace much more easily.
  • It also gives you ways to manage and let go of stress and anxiety better in the future.
  • And last, but by no ways least, it supports you in recognising, letting go of and changing any thoughts or beliefs that may have be causing you anxiety, stress and unhappiness in your life. It enables you to feel re-energised, more positive regarding your future, happier and healthier in all areas of your life.


Option A: Stress & Anxiety Free ‘toolbox only’ package – £199

When you purchase this program, you’ll IMMEDIATELY receive an email and access to the following items for life:

  • A beautifully calming breathwork video that will reduce any emotional tension you’re experiencing and calm your mind. It’s not available anywhere else, is yours for life to access and can transform the way you feel within minutes. The video is professionally produced and features one of London’s most respected yoga teachers, Amanda Denton and myself.
  • Two highly effective  ‘paraliminal download recordings’ (each approx. 20 mins) that support you in recognising and letting go of any unconscious thinking and beliefs you’re carrying that are causing you anxiety or fear. The recordings additionally empower you in re-creating new powerful beliefs that serve you better.
  • An invaluable guide on Essential oils. Which oils can help us deal with stress anxiety, fatigue, burnout and sleep problems. Advice on how to use them simply, safely and effectively at home, at work and when travelling.
  • An exclusive 20% discount from one of the UK’s best Aromatherapy companies on all their products.
  • 15 minutes access to me by phone to discuss any elements of the program and support you personally.

Option B: Stress & Anxiety Free toolbox and Private Coaching – £950

When you purchase this program, you’ll receive:

  • All elements of the Toolbox above PLUS.
  • THREE one-hour telephone or Skype coaching/mentoring sessions over a two to six-week period (as needed) to support you with the specific issues you are dealing with and how they are affecting you on a fully bespoke level.
  • Helping, if required, in uncovering what your stress / anxiety triggers are – physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Full coaching and mentoring assistance in reducing stress and anxiety, building self-awareness and understanding how to create change mentally and physically to enhance your thoughts, moods, energy and life.
  • Additional support in using your toolbox and professional guidance re: other tools and recordings that can create long-term change in your life and support you in deeper relaxation, greater happiness and success.
  • Someone to be accountable to for keeping any commitments to positive changes you choose to make in your life that facilitate less stress and more joy for you.
  • Email / messaging access to me once a week between sessions (not including Sundays and bank holidays).

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