Raising Consciousness and Happiness

A strongly conscious program that guides and enables you to let go of any suffering


  • A strongly conscious inner growth and self-awakening program that guides and enables you to let go of any suffering
  • Bespoke mentoring in calming your mind, increasing self-awareness, accessing more peace, joy, love and connection in your life
  • Full support in raising your consciousness and vibration for self-actualisation, manifestation, conscious relationships and work in the world

This coaching is for you if you are looking to focus strongly on finding and access inner peace and happiness; raising your self-awareness and consciousness or want further guidance/support and mentoring in your spiritual awakening/self-actualisation. It’s also for you if you’re keen to consciously raise your vibration and alignment to speed manifestation in your life, relate better and more consciously with others.

What’s Included:

  • An initial 1-1.5hr consultation with me to look in depth at where you currently are in your life, in your consciousness awakening and on your spiritual / life path; also what’s calling you forward or blocking your happiness, growth and progress.
  • A total of 8 (1hr+) fully bespoke and fully supportive coaching/spiritual mentoring sessions (Including your consultation). Dependent on where you’re starting from and what’s important for you… these will enable you to: calm your mind more easily; find more balance, presence and awareness; clear blocks that are affecting your life or holding you back; meditate more effortlessly; raise your energy; attune to your true self and values and find much more intrinsic happiness, energy and purpose in your life. These sessions will also teach and enable you to manifest more easily in life and relate better with others
  • Includes one on one meditation/conscious coaching (over Skype) or face to face where possible.
  • Guidance towards other work/teachers where beneficial and also reading/activities that may additionally enhance your growth.
  • Access to me via email (or if urgent by telephone) between sessions