How to Achieve Goals, Success and Happiness  

Are you wondering how to achieve Success, Goals or even Happiness? Well, success is a deeply personal affair; what one person measures as having achieved and /or manifested their happiness and success, another evaluates in a very different way. 

  After many years of working towards my version of ‘successful’ –  growing, learning, heightening my energy, working on different conscious, energetic and action orientated techniques to reach my ‘goals’ I’ve arrived at a place where I now truly knew what works.  

 So, here’s the formula…   

1. Goals, Vision and Emotions      

  • A clear knowledge of what your goal is/ goals are and what you want to achieve /manifest.
  • Specific details are what each goal looks like in detail ( a vision board and written comments)  AND how you will feel once you have got there will help you achieve goals and success more easily.
  •  5+ mins ‘every day’ tuning into each goal (or one you want most initially), emotionally and visually, and feeling the joy and happiness you’ll experience having achieved/manifested it. (I do this as part of my meditation practice).
  • A SMART plan for each goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time focused) and focused effort through ACTION (small or big practical steps daily/weekly towards your goal.    

2. Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Creating New enhancing beliefs and Establishing Trust   

  • No conscious or unconscious limiting beliefs you have regarding what is possible will help you. Working with a good hypnotherapist however will. They can enable you release whats holding you back, establish new self enhancing beliefs that serve you and fast track you to achieve success and happiness.  
  • Trust held in what is possible and in universal abundance..that’s how miracles occur.   

3. Raising your energetic vibration and positive emotions to attract outcomes towards you   

  • A small amount of time each day(or as possible) clearing any blocks and/or and raising your energy/vibration to be in the higher manifesting emotions of love, joy, happiness. (yoga/meditation, (sub) conscious clearing work such as EFT, hypnotherapy or other methods, gratitude journal work etc.)
  • Time dedicated to doing what makes you feel happy, smile, laugh and raises your energy as often as possible.
  • Respectfully asking for help – from the Universe (prayer or otherwise) and from anyone who is a position to help you – through their experience, connections or otherwise.   

 4. The power in giving back and working with someone who knows how to achieve success and happiness    

  • Giving back – your time, experience, money to those people/ organisation who you can help and who, contributing to the lives of, uplifts you (spiritually/ energetically/ emotionally) in some way.
  • Work with a mentor (Someone who has already achieved your goal or one similar – e.g. a career you love, a move overseas, a loving relationship) OR the state you desire e.g. Happiness.
  • Work with a coach or someone who has the understanding and experience of how to get you to where you want to go or how you want to feel. That someone must have a strong desire to help you achieve and manifest your vision; the ability to guide you quickly and enjoyable through the process and keep you motivated; the skill to navigate with you any set-backs, help you stay on track and help you recognise and change anything that might be blocking your success potential. 

 This Formula has helped me:  

  • Travel, have holidays, be able to work and live all over the world; experience new cultures, adventure and relaxation in places I love and choose
  • Be paid by employers and clients to do the above and be gifted trips by others also
  • Experience great love, friendships and relationships
  • Hold Senior Director positions and obtain work freelance Internationally and in the UK
  • Run my own wellbeing, yoga and coaching company successfully
  • Do work I love and helps others move forward in their lives – on a personal, career and business success level
  • Manifest money, gifts and opportunities unexpectedly quickly
  • Have the time and freedom to create my day as I choose and enjoy a very good lifestyle
  • Maintain great health, happiness and joy in my life 

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