Many, many things can distract us from reaching and manifesting our goals and dreams:


To accomplish great things:

1.  Your goal has to be your priority and something that you want enough to truly extend yourself for; if it’s not – it just won’t happen.

If it is – you’ll give it the time and energy it deserves.

2.  Understand: Most people experience fear on the road to achieving their goals and fear comes in all shapes and sizes! Those that succeed in life simply find a way to move through their fears rather than retreating from them; they simply don’t allow fear to be the breaking of them.

As Robert F. Kennedy said ‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly’.

Common fears include:

Fear of Failure (or not being good enough), Fear of Change (or the unknown), Fear of Disapproval, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Repeating Past Mistakes & Fear of Success.

A good Coach or Mentor can help you work through specific fears and move forward towards your goals, however, there are many ways you can deal with fear yourself

Such as:

  • Talking your goal and your fear through with a close friend and getting their encouragement
  • Asking for support from a higher source and trusting you’re supported
  • Picturing, writing down, visualising and connecting emotionally to the best possible future scenarios relating to your goals rather than the worst things that could happen
  • Boosting your confidence to move through your fear by writing a list of all your achievements to date
  • Asking yourself, ‘what is the worse that could happen and could I live with that / prepare for it if it happened’
  • Breaking down your goal/s into small manageable steps
  • Recognising F.E.A.R for what it is – i.e. A ‘False Expectation Appearing Real’ – i.e. A future reality our mind has created that does not actually exist at this time and actually may never!
  • Asking yourself honestly ‘how will I feel in 6 months, 1 year or any point in the future if I don’t move forward now and at least try for my goal’

To achieve great things we also need to


3.  Nip PROCRASTINATION in the bud; follow the example of great achievers in just getting started on the activities you need to do to achieve and manifest your goals – even when you don’t feel like it.

4.  Avoid DISTRACTIONS, people and events that take you away from your goal and dreams. It’s important to look after your body, mind and soul, your healthy relationships and your day to day happiness as well as you can – but all other distractions will simply either slow you down or at worse pull you away from YOUR dreams and goals.

5. HOLD THE VISION & TRUST THE PROCESS. This is conscious ‘work’ and part of the art of manifestation that, requires holding the vision of your goal/dream and the relaxed knowing that it is already moving towards you. I.E. ALLOWING your dream and goal to come into your life whilst simultaneously working outwardly to achieve it.

5.  Be CONSISTENT in your daily activities towards your goals; this is the art of progression that ensures mountains are climbed and goals attained; consistency is a trait of all successful people.

6.  Anticipate ROADBLOCKS – (unexpected external circumstances that can test your resolve and determination to succeed). Roadblocks are not a reason to stop moving forward on your goal; there’s always a way over or around them!

I like to see roadblocks as ‘the universe’ checking in with me how much I want a goal – viewed in this way makes it easier to deal with any obstacles objectively and most importantly – keep heading forward towards my goals!

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